Green Living

Swagat Realty prides itself on being a responsible real estate builder and recognises the importance of sustainable development and works with a variety of stakeholders to improve the sustainability of everything we build. We manage environmental issues in a proactive and balanced way.

By the nature of our activities, we have a major impact on the local communities and environment in which we operate. The environment matters to you and it matters to us so to help safeguard the world for today and for future generations, we follow some simple rules:

We re-use land wherever we can

To reduce the amount of new building land needed, we aim to re-use as much building land for our new developments as possible.

We design developments in harmony with their location

To protect the natural environment that surrounds a new site, we survey each area intensively. We then design the development's layout around its natural features.

We use low-waste, sustainable, eco-friendly materials whenever we can

For example: we try to use timber from sustainable managed plantations. We favour non-toxic water-based paints. We try to use aggregate from the closest source to reduce travel pollution.

We recycle our waste effectively

From returning pallets and containers to efficient skip management and on-site waste processing, we strive to be recycle as much as we can.

We build energy efficient homes

It is always our aim to use the latest techniques in building energy efficient new homes.